12” Inch x 12” Inch x 8” Inch Standard Height Cake Box with Top Cover - Gloss White

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The 12 Inch x 12 Inch x 8 Inch Standard Height Cake Box is a great way to present your handcrafted cake to customers.

These boxes are sturdy in design and include a lid on top. After spending hours baking a beautiful dessert cake, you can be rest assured this box will provide the stability and beautiful presentation you require. You can even use these boxes for other purposes, such as doughnuts, cake pops, chocolates, or other desserts. Presented in a stunning gloss white finish, the boxes will remain clean and easily wipeable if you happen to drip icing on the outer box. These cake boxes are ideal for weddings, birthdays, corporate events, or for selling as a cake retailer. Many customers place their company business card or label on the box.

Internal Dimensions: 30.48cm (L) x 30.48cm (W) x 20.32cm (H)

The boxes are made from high quality 400gsm paperboard, 100% Food Grade Recycled Paper, Manufactured in China.

Stored and ready to send from our warehouse in Melbourne, Australia.


  1. Flat packed cake base & lid in one piece, which require you to easily assemble

We recommend you place a small piece of non-slip material under the cake board before placing it into the box, to prevent the cake from sliding within the box. 

We specialise in custom branded packaging, so if you have the ability to order 2,500 minimum quantity, we would be happy to provide you a custom quote to design the perfect cake box for your company with your logos and printed colours. Contact the BOXXD™ team today!