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The Little Cupcake was founded in 2014 in a little 120-year-old shop.

In the times after the Eureka Stockade, 223 Eureka Street traded as a grocer run by a woman who supplied the gold diggers with their flour, biscuits, sugar, tea and essentials. Lovely to think someone is keeping that tradition alive!

They are now in their seventh year of business and The Little Cupcake delivery van is a well-loved sight around Ballarat delivering their little cupcakes.

The Little Cupcake Ballarat Shop Front

From teaching music to creating delicious cupcakes!

Madeleine and husband Mark run this family-owned business and love Ballarat. "For some, it's the gold rush and for others it's tourism, but for us, it's a special connection with customers and providing a service that puts a smile on everyone's face. I've spent twenty years working for other people, it was time to do something I wanted to do, so I said I'm starting a cupcake shop. I've never done a cooking class in my life, I'm self-taught. We didn't know how it was going to go in a small town and I thought well if it doesn't work, we will just teach music.

The Little Cupcake Ballarat Gold Rush

A shop with a beautiful history

And here we are at the cupcake shop, professional musicians selling cupcakes. When we found this little house and shop, we realised the history of it. One hundred and twenty years ago, this house was built and it traded as many things, but the first thing was a woman's grocer. We really love the fact that it's still here and still trading and it really harps back to the history of what Ballarat is all about, which is the birthplace of the Eureka movement.

The Little Cupcake Ballarat - Honeycombe Buttercream CupcakeThis is one of our signature cupcakes, the gold rush cupcake for our heritage of being gold diggers.

It has some honeycomb buttercream, on a chocolate cake and some chocolate rocks and a sparkle of gold sugar of course.

The Little Cupcake Ballarat Custom Cupcake Boxes

The search for the right packaging

Boxing from day one for us has been a nightmare, different size boxes, some didn't fit properly. I've spent many many hours on the internet trying to source boxes for the size cupcake we use and we realised we needed to offer our product in something that was professional and would present our cupcakes in the best possible light.

Can't believe it took me so long to do it! I'm so glad we went with BOXXD and we received exactly what we wanted. Your product is presented beautifully, transports beautifully, stores beautifully. BOXXD really was the first place that made it easy and gave us a good timeline, design and price, so that's what we did and we haven't looked back since.

 The Little Cupcake Ballarat Madeleine and Mark

All our cupcakes are made from scratch; butter, sugar, flour and eggs, so we don't use cake mix. We want something that people can't find anywhere else. Something delicious and unique. So people really get an old fashioned cake from an old fashioned shop. At the heart of what we do is to make people happy, and bring people more joy. I guess it's how we support each other and how we love other people, that's what drives us and what we're about."

Featuring Madeleine and Mark from @the.little.cupcake in Ballarat. You can find out more about The Little Cupcake here:

We're excited to share the journey of our customers with you, thank you for reading!

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