18” Inch (45.72cm) 100 Qty, Large Clear Disposable Piping Pastry Bags

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The 18” Inch Large Clear Disposable Piping Bags are flexible and easy to use!

Simply cut off the bottom, or insert your favourite standard tip into the bag, then fill your piping bag with your cake batter or royal and buttercream icing, and pipe away! Save time cleaning, once used, remove your piping tip and discard the bag. Strong and durable yet thin and easy to squeeze and can be used with most soft mixtures, icings, creams, pureed vegetables and more!

Dimensions: 18” Inch (45.72cm)

The piping bags are made from high quality 100% Food Grade Clear Plastic, Manufactured in China.

Stored and ready to send from our warehouse in Melbourne, Australia.


  1. 18” Inch (45.72cm) Clear Disposable Piping Pastry Bags

*Coloured icing and piping tip shown in photo's not included.